3 suspected car thieves arrested in akwa ibom

3 suspected car thieves arrested in akwa ibom

Police operatives in Akwa Ibom state have arrested three notorious persons specialized in snatching of cars.

They were nabbed by the Akwa Ibom police operatives on Wednesday December 2, in Uyo when they dispossessed a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ekefre, of his car at Richway Supermarket.

The suspects admits that they snatched cars between Uyo and calabar, the one snatched in Calabar were sold in Uyo while the stolen cars in Uyo are sold in Calabar and during this transitions, the suspects said they had snatched four cars in Uyo.

Rev. Fr. Ekefre also narrate his bitter experience with the notorious members he said he was at a supermarket with a female relative for shopping when one of the hijackers approached him and pretended to be drawing his attention and When he turned, the robber dragged him and pointed a metal object to his head and asked him for his car key, while the other suspect approached him pulling out a jackknife.

And in response, the priest struggled and retrieve his hand and flung the car key towards his female relative. Which she was attacked by the criminals and sustain a cut on her head, they snatched the key and drove off with the car. Fortunately, the cut was not deep because of her hair.

The robbers took successful flee with the priest car and cell phone which was used to track the car to a bush close to Ikot-Oku-Ikono, which seems to be the suspects hiding chamber.