Father sentenced To Death For Killing Son in Adamawa

Father sentenced To Death For Killing Son in Adamawa

Adamawa state high court VII has sentenced Bappa Alti for killing his son, Buba Bappa for money ritual in Gombi local government area.

The court judge, Justice Fatma Ahmed Tafida, convicted Bappa for beheading his son with a cutlass which seems to a vital process for the ritual.

The convict confessed his brutal action after he was suspected and reported to have killed his son.

He said he followed his late son who’s going to the Bush to rear his cattle on the 13th July, 2013 with a cutlass.

Bappa was said to use his rearing stick to hit Buba’s head and chop his head with a cutlass.

The convict and some of the community dwellers searched for the boy before they found his body without the head which lead them to become suspicious of Bappa and reported him to the police.

Bappa lead the CID team to the scene and where he buried the head which taken as evidence.

He was arraigned before the court for culpable homicide punishable with death contrary to section 221 of the code of law.