WhatsApp launch a new features in the latest app update

WhatsApp launch a new features in the latest app update


Whatsapp messaging which is inevitable from a lot of people globally said it would enable people to choose whether to keep their messages or allow messages to delete themselves after seven days.

This feature was firstly introduced by Facebook for its Messenger platform, following on the heels of Snapchat, which has gain lot of users among young smartphone users.

It’s said in a blog post that the aim of creating the ‘disappearing option’ is to avoid messages that are not needed for a long time to remain in a chat, which will take at least seven days before it disappears.

WhatsApp chose a seven-day window “because we believes it offers peace of mind that some messages aren’t permanent, and you don’t forget what you were chatting about,” the blog post said.

The move comes with Facebook’s losing users to rivals like Snapchat and TikTok, even as Facebook-owned Instagram continues to grow in that demographic group.

A Piper Jaffay survey of US teens last month showed Snapchat is their favourite social media platform, and TikTok overtook Instagram for most used apps.