Shocking: I  was raped by armed robbers and my husband divorce me

Shocking: I was raped by armed robbers and my husband divorce me

Good day readers on today’s episode of amebo forum a lady wrote me a story on how she got raped which also cost her divorce in her marital life.

I have been married for 10 years now and ,I was a virgin till I got married to my husband. we’ve always lived happily and enjoy our marital life because he’s been a very loving and caring husband to me,although, I don’t depend much on him cause I have my job that pays me loads of money and he’s got his job too,and we are blessed with two kids.

In my life I’ve never believe I can be a rape victim because I never pictured myself in a position where that kind of situation can happen to me until I travelled with my husband to his village during Easter period just to celebrate with his parents.

During this unfortunate visit to his parents house at night,the house was raided by armed robbers gang of seven(7) members.

My husband was tied to a chair while they stole every valuable items from the house and then the gang leader turn to rape which even my husband was helpless.

He tore my clothes and at this point I was frightened and I begged him but he didn’t listen, at this moment while I was trying to beg him he was already inside me,but the most embarrassing part to other present in the room, but seems like an enjoyable moment for me is when he started raping me i felt some electrifying sensation instead of pain from being raped,i have never felt that kind of feeling in my whole entire life.

He started pounding me and i felt him inside me, I didn’t even know when I started touching him and wanting him not to stop. at this moment I was making some enjoyable scream which is surprising to me also for being raped by a criminal.

The gang leader had two rounds with me which feels like the most enjoyable moment of my life and after this they left and my husband was very angry after the incident which I even got beaten mercilessly and this cost me my marriage ,I felt so sad going through divorce now because I never will want something to disrupt my marriage life,but at the same time I just feel like sharing”.

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