Opinion:my ex is married but still want us having secret affairs

Opinion:my ex is married but still want us having secret affairs

Hello readers, on today’s episode of opinion forum there’s this guy whom I’ll be keeping his identity anonymous because that’s how it’s done here.

He wrote to me and he really needs advice on how to end a toxic relationship he’s been having with his ex.

“Hello admin and I’m here to share this bothering story and I guess advices are welcome too cause I need that”,.

Back in my university days I dated one of my course mate in my first year and we did a lot of stuffs I cant mention here but I know you will understand if you’re in a relationship tho,but things got sideways with both of us and she got married during my second year.
Things started happening when she was calling me and telling me she misses me,which get us back with the stuffs we used to do and I was never having concerns if she’s cheating on her husband cause she was my first love too,we did all this till we graduated and went our separate ways.

Till a day she buzzed me up again and started bringing the same type of talk and stuffs like that and I even asked her about her family she’s now blessed with 2 kids when I hear that I stop for a while and had a thought this have to stop because I can’t continue this with not just a married woman, but married woman with kids,my conscience had been judging me ever since and I don’t want this to come as karma on me or my kids.
“I’ve tried my best talking to her that I can’t continue with that anymore but she never been listening to me and she also insisting on paying for my transportation fee to where she’s staying now but I’ve made up my mind,but I need advice on how I can cut this type of relationship and tell her to move on cause it’s really getting hard for me to continue with the toxic relationship”,.

Ok readers,with all this been said,what do you readers think and what’s your advice to this guy?.

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