Advice: I don’t know if I’ll have to forgive my friend for all he’s done to me

Advice: I don’t know if I’ll have to forgive my friend for all he’s done to me

Hello readers, on today’s episode of amebo forum, is a story of betrayal.
I bring you another story of a guy who was betrayed by his best friend who he trusted most.

He wrote;”Good Day to you Admin, I hope this reaches you in great health.
I’m here to talk about my Previous roommate and I relationship, could use some advise.
There was this boy back in my 100/200 level days, we were super close, close enough to complete each others sentences like people will put it. But sadly people are never like they appear to be.

I had a huge business plan, even I knew it was my breakthrough from the grasp of poverty on my family and I. Based on how close I was to Bolaji (my roommate), I told him everything about the business, even showed him the blueprint, I always heard of betrayal, but never thought of it in regards to him, we always had our issues but, dealt with everything in honesty and love.
The thing was I needed money for the plan, so was patiently saving and praying on it. Bolaji knew I was saving for it, he’d even encourage and told me not to be contributing for our meal plans, so I can dive all my money into the business and he’s supporting me all the way.

But I missed the signs, my blueprint got missing, thought I might have misplaced it, even though I knew deep down it didn’t, then my savings.
I needed the sum of 50k and started working as a sales representative for a company (name withheld) which paid me 6k week. For close to two months I never suspected a thing. My money entered 45k, and the transport to a bank was about 600 going and coming, So I got 50 naira kolo and was putting everything into it, my place of work was walking distance from the house and school was on break, it was like everything just fit into place for my breakthrough, sometimes I beg Bolaji to accept a thousand or 2 since he’s the one who cooks and I clean the room up, he refuses, saying I shouldn’t forget him when I make it, I promised never to, his family stay in the state so they send foodstuffs through a family friend every weekend.

One day, something felt wrong, Bolaji was taking secret phone calls early in the morning and kept accessing my phone, not like I had an issue with it, assumed he was hunting one fine chick, went to work and returned then my kolo was gone, I prayed I was dreaming, maybe God was warning me, shey nah 600 no allow me go bank since? Everyone wants every cash they can access, nobody dey gree do transfer.
I thought to myself, maybe Bolaji kept it for me, I’d just pretend as if I didn’t see the room scattered and door unlocked, he fit be any cause.
I sat outside to await my roommate’s arrival, Baba came with a weird vibe, no worry, we go sort that one later, “guy you help me see that round clay thing wey be like ball wey I put under my wardrobe?” I asked
“Which thing you dey talk of? I no see anything guy, why you scatter room like this nah, nah pig dey stay here, wetin dey do you sometimes self?” He asked.

I prayed in my mind to be dreaming, I kept consoling myself, even Bolaji don’t know where I kept the money, but to tell him felt wrong, so I just thought he knew enough.

For 2weeks I was traumatized, called the landlord about a robbery case, he said it’s our business, Asked a neighbor, Tunji, at least he’s always around, he said he noticed no suspicious movement and trust him to be very vigilant.

Bolaji on the other hand has been acting weird and really distant, our neighbors suspected him, but my faith in our friendship wouldn’t let me, I’ve known this guy for a while, he can’t do something like that.
At my place of work, they said they no longer needed me, since I was temporary, they got someone willing to stay, i got worried, Bolaji begins to wear designer clothes, he’ll tell me his brother abroad sent them, he asks one or two questions about the money once in a while, he’s probably busy, I thought.

The next thing, Bolaji started walking with the Big Boys, in the street, people who wouldn’t even look at before, the next thing, bolaji was talking about changing hostel, I told him my parents couldn’t afford extra money right now, neither can I. Then he packed out Sunday when I went to church, my neighbors made fun of me, who’d split the 50k house rent with me in this dead hostel? Where would I go from here?.

Rent was to expire the next month, called my family to remind them, they said they’d try to send me 12,000 that my Father has been really sick and they didn’t want to disturb me cause of school.
I had no choice than to be squatting with Tunji in the opposite room, it was humiliating, cause our landlord doesn’t joke with his rents padlock the room when he found out the room wouldn’t be retained.

Had to get rid of most of many things as for now that I’m squatting, offered Tunji my 12k, he said, no need guy, he taught me Forex and I invested all 12k and got 150k, it was like a miracle, I cried and first ran away from my phone, then offered Tunji 25k, he still refused and told me to get a place to stay instead, I don’t deserve this guy, I did as he advised, got my old room back and started trading.

One hot afternoon, I heard a knock on my door, it was Bolaji, he looked tattered. he came with an elderly man in the street and prostrated, begging for my forgiveness, I pretended not to have seen him few times around Chicken Republic or exquisite places acting all High and mighty. “Can I help you?” I asked, then the old man started preaching and quoting verses from the bible about forgiveness, this must be a joke, why do you seek my forgiveness? Then Tunji explained how he got jealous of my business plans and decided to steal it for himself, all along he was patiently awaiting for the right time, made inquiries with a girl he knew at my place of work and found out we were paid only in cash and the amount, he knew about the excessive transport and one day took it upon himself to search for the money in the room, did the calculation and waited till it was plenty and stole it from me, did the business and got 2 million. I was staring at him with so much shock, I was only pissed he left me, but this is unforgivable, said his mum had a dream that he mustn’t anger anyone, but he thought it was just superstition and ignored it, but lately, things have been going wrong for him, lots of setbacks, he had to go see the priest and the priest said it was someone he deeply wronged and must come seek for forgiveness, but how can I forgive him?

Told them I’d think on it to get them off my back, now he’s more like a pest, always around to beg me. I don’t know what to do. Please i really need a advices on this.

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