Young boy brutalized with hot iron by aunt over N50 groundnuts in calabar

Young boy brutalized with hot iron by aunt over N50 groundnuts in calabar

An eight-year-old Nigerian boy has been rescued from his aunt following serial torture, after he ate groundnuts without authorisation.

The unidentified lady got so annoyed that she scarred the child’s body with a hot iron, leaving life him eternal scars.

This happened at Anantigha, Calabar South, on Sunday August 16, after the lady, who serves as guardian to the boy and his two siblings returned from Sunday service, only to discover she couldn’t find the nut she left before going to church.

She confronted the boy about the missing groundnut, When the boy confirmed he ate it, she then plugged an electric iron and used it to burn the boy’s back .

The human rights group who rescued the boy, said the lady has been abusing the little boy for a long time when it founds older scars on the boy’s body and finger-scratched Marks.

The boy and his other siblings have been living with the aunt for at least 3 years according to reports.

The Principal Counsel, Basic Rights Initiative, James Ibor, said his office was alerted by another group, Girl Power Initiative, GPI.

GPI said the lady had been assaulting her nephew with hot iron, burning stove and other unfriendly objects to the body.

“From what the boy has told us, which is also very visible, he has been tortured and traumatised, and the boy is in serious pains.

“We have written to the Police and the State Ministry of Humanities and Social Welfare to take good care of the boy in our own shelter home, because we cannot allow the him go back to his aunt again”.

First we are taking him to a medical facility where he can get adequate care,” Ibor said.

And it’s not stated if the woman has been arrested or not.