Some african traditions you might not believe they exist

Some african traditions you might not believe they exist

African countries are full of many cultural practices, some of these practice are easy practice and some are of sacred ans strange practices which some are unknown to the world. Many of these cultural practices have been in existence for decades. Here are some of the weird culture practice by some part of the african countries

1: Festival of the dead

  This tradition is practiced amongst the Chewa community in Malawi. During the burial ceremony of their member, they will have to wash the body of the dead, and take the body to a scared place and will cleanse it by slitting the throat of the dead body and pour the water through the insides of the dead and extracted through the anterior part of the dead body then will use the water to prepare a meal for the whole community.

2: Potency test.

  This is practiced among the Ugandan. When a man and a woman want to get married, the bride’s aunt will make love with the groom, after that she will have to test the bride’s virginity as their potency test . They said that marriages in their tribe means, “to take away the burden on the bride’s aunt.”

3: Stealing each other’s wives.

  This is practiced in the Wodaabe tribe of Niger. In this tribe men, used to steal each other wives. Their first marriage is arranged by both parents when they are still small and this must be between people of the same lineage. At their yearly Garewol Festival, the men will wear elaborate make up and dance to impress the married women of the Wodaabe tribe, they do this to impress the ladies and to steal a new wife.

4: Spitting as a form of greetings.

  This is practiced by the Massai tribe of Tanzania and Kenya. This is their way of saying hello to each other. Besides, when a baby is born,the men spit on the baby’s face,they believe of the baby is bad,spitting on the baby’s face would protect the baby from the evil spirits.

5: Lip stretching.

  This bizarre custom is practiced amongst the Surma tribe of Southern Sudan. And this is done to their female children. During the teenage years of their females, they undergo lip stretching which they’ll remove the lower teeth and replace it with a lip plate, this lip plate use to increase in size as they grow until it becomes large.

6: Bull jumping.

  This is practiced by the Ethiopians. The young boys will have to undergo some a manhood test. A young boy will have to strip naked run, jump and land on the back of a bull.

7:whooping a lady

Women from the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia are whipped to show their love for men going through Rite of Passage ceremony. The beatings go on until their backs turn bloody and are not they are not allowed to scream.